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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miracle at St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Chapel, Kattachira

KATTACHIRA: The miracle that started in a simple looking icon of Mother Mary carrying Infant Jesus, printed in flex and kept at the chapel of our Kattachira St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church near Kayamkulam, is continuing for the 3rd consecutive day. It was on October 21st that the women who gathered for Wednesday prayers first noticed the miracle. Thinking that the picture was wet because of rainwater the women took it and wiped it clean. But they noted that it is becoming wet again. They immediately called upon the Vicar, Fr. Roy Kattachira, who also tried to wipe it clean many a times but noticed that a water like substance was still coming from the eye part. This happened on Wednesday the late-forenoon.On the next day Mor Theodosius Mathews, the Metropolitan of our Kollam Diocese under whom the parish comes, also visited the chapel and witnessed the same thing happening again. H.G. wiped the picture clean using a soft cotton cloth, but in half an hour the oily fluid again started dripping from the same portion, viz, from the eye part of Mother Mary in the icon. This simple looking icon of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus, printed in flex material, is not a very old one and is not even properly framed, hence either sides are exposed. Since the news first spread the faithful from all denominations are visiting the church to see the miracle happening.

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