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Piravom is a town in Muvattupuzha Taluk of Ernakulam district in Kerala state, south India. It is 36 km South East of Ernakulam city & 45 km north of Kottayam town. Piravom is famous for historic Christian churches and Hindu temples. The town lies 22 km from Muvattupuzha. Koothattukulam is also a nearby town. Piravom is located at the boundary between two districts, Ernakulam and Kottayam.
Piravom has a beautiful river-front, verdant hills, and rice paddies that get flooded periodically by the monsoon rains. The Muvattupuzha river flows through town. The Hindustan News Print Limited is situated in Velloor, near Piravom.


History of Mannathoor

It was part of the erstwhile Vadakkumkoor kingdom until it was captured by the Travancore kingdom, now merged into state of Kerala. Old documents prove that the lands of Mannathoor belonged to ‘Edappally Swaroopam’. Later the rights were transformed to various ‘Manas’ (Brahmin families). Later Mannathoor Chennattukunnel Karthas took them over.
Mannathoor is one of the important places in the state of Kerala. It is a village situated almost in the East of the Ernakulam District. People of all communities and castes, Hindus and Christians (Jacobite Syrian Christians) live here in perfect harmony and amity. Mannathoor has a rich cultural heritage and memorable tradition. A host of cultural and educational institutions, temples, and churches dignify this traditional village and draw people from even other parts of the state. In spite of all these, Mannathoor is still a hamlet with the traditional kerala dwellings, paddy fields, coconut gardens and extensive greenlands.

History of Syrian Christians in Piravom

A few Syrian Christians migrated from Kadamattom in the middle of 9th century, but most of the Syrian Christians migrated from Kuravilangad in the time of Portuguese Rule. Around 31 families migrated from Kuravilangad, in the middle of 17th century.
St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church Piravom
The main churches of Mannathoor:
  1. St.John's Jacobite Syrian Church Nellikunnel
  2. St.George Jacobite Syrian Church Mannathoor.

Health & Education

Various public and private institutions in the field of education and healthcare helped people of piravom to maintain high standard of living compared to adjacent towns and villages.


Piravom assembly constituency is now a part of Kottayam (Lok Sabha constituency) after the delimitation of parliament seats in India.[1]